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Your garbage disposal is an important part of your household plumbing. If you are experiencing issues with your garbage disposal, call The Plumber Guy. An expert from our team can tell you whether garbage disposal or complete replacement of your system is best. If you have a clogged garbage disposal, we can fix the issue for you in no time!

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The Plumber Guy is a trusted service provider with a history of top-quality repair and installation services in the Phoenix and West Valley area. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. All of our technicians are experienced and friendly professionals dedicated to getting the job done right. When you need a Phoenix plumber you can bet we're the team to call-we'll get your house back to normal fast!

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Garbage Disposal Leaks & Clogs

Garbage disposals take a lot of abuse, since they are typically used too heavily by most homeowners. These appliances are only supposed to handle light food waste. Most people overuse their garbage disposals, leaking to clogs and breakdowns over time.

Signs of a problem with your garbage disposal include:

  • No sound when the garbage disposal is turned on
  • Humming with no waste / food removal
  • Water pooling beneath your sink
  • Rotting food smells coming from under your sink

Is It Time I Replace My Garbage Disposal?

If your garbage disposal is getting up in years, it may be worth replacing the unit entirely rather than paying for ongoing repairs. Modern garbage disposals are much more efficient and effective than they were in the past. A new unit could end up saving you a lot of money in repairs as well as utility costs. A technician from our team at The Plumber Guy can help you determine if a replacement is in order, or if repairs are all you need at this time.

These Tips Can Help Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running for a Long Time!

You can help protect your garbage disposal by taking just a few protective measures. For example, make sure that you don't send too much waste down the garbage disposal at once. Run it frequently to avoid over-exerting the unit, and always run water before and after turning it on. These simple tips can help make sure that your garbage disposal lasts for a long time and doesn't clog or break!

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