3 Reasons to Have Leaky Pipes Repaired Immediately

Jul 31, 2019

If you have a bathroom that hasn’t been updated in a long time, there’s likely a higher chance that the pipes could be in poor shape. If you suspect that some of the pipes have been leaking, it’s important that you don’t put off repair work.

While you may feel comfortable placing a bucket under the sink for the time being, it’s smart to consider the impact that leaky pipes can make in the bathroom over time.


The first thing that will occur in your bathroom when there‚Äôs a leaky pipe is that the bathroom flooring can quickly turn discolored. Whether you have tile or hardwood flooring in the bathroom, it can quickly begin changing colors when there’s water consistently dripping onto the floor. This can be frustrating to see when you want your bathroom to look great since it cannot be resolved easily.


After the flooring begins to change colors, you’ll likely notice that mildew can begin to appear on your flooring. Not only can this make it harmful to breathe in the air in your bathroom, it can also lead to the floors rotting and having significant damage. Preventing mildew can be as simple as having the leaky pipes repaired and reducing moisture in the bathroom.

Expensive Repairs

While you may be hesitant to have the pipes repaired right now due to leaking being quite minor, it can quickly worsen without immediate repairs. Letting the issue worsen can often make the cost of repairs quite a bit higher, making it important for you to schedule for the pipes to be repaired before water damage becomes a major problem.

As you look at the pipes in your bathroom, you’ll be able to determine just how serious of an issue they can be for the space. Contact us if you’re unsure how severe the problem is and if you’re concerned about water damage becoming an issue.