3 Savvy Plumbing Tips to Save You Money

Oct 27, 2021

Whether you own your home or are currently renting a living space, there are a few simple steps you can take to save money, both immediately and over time. Surprisingly, some of these steps center on habits and choices around your home’s plumbing.

Plumbing Tips to Save Money in the Long Run

While some of these steps call for once-and-done actions, others require ongoing attention. Though they may require building some new habits, they will pay off in the long run with lower bills and decreased costs.

Tip 1: Invest in Low-Flow Shower Heads

In most homes, baths and showers account for a high percentage of the monthly water use. Naturally, the more people are living in your home, the truer this statement becomes. With a low-flow showerhead, however, the amount of water being used for personal hygiene can be considerably decreased.

The average US household can save about 2,900 gallons of water every year simply by installing a single low-flow showerhead. Just one will make that much difference. Multiply that by the number of bathrooms in every house in every town of every state. The impact is overwhelming. (HGTV)

Considering the small investment of time and money it would take, switching to a low-flow showerhead is well worth your while.

Tip 2: Routinely Inspect for Drips and Leaks

Drips and leaks will not only push up your monthly water bill, but they can also worsen over time, leading to the potential for significant damage to your home.

  • Loose valves
  • Damaged pipes
  • Cracked drain pans

All these and more could go unnoticed. Setting up routine inspections (whether done by you or by The Plumber Guy) could save you quite a bit of money over the long haul.

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Tip 3: Prevent Potential Clogs

It may feel easier to let hair, dental floss, or small bits of paper or plastic wash down the drain while you’re using the sink or shower. These items, however, often lead to a sharp increase in clogs.

And clogs cost money. You either need to buy de-clogging supplies or hire plumbers like us to come out and deal with the issue.  While we appreciate your business, we’d love to see you save money wherever you can.

Get ahead of the problem and be proactive by educating yourself and your household about what can and cannot be allowed to go down the drain. 

The Plumber Guy Is Here to Help

When it comes to saving money on plumbing over time, even some of the smallest steps can add up.

For more money-saving tips, or to learn more about our plumbing services, please feel free to contact us.