Benefits of a Whole House Water Filter

Feb 16, 2019

Most people are aware of faucet filters that can be mounted on a kitchen or bathroom sink. Less well known are the water filters mounted on an entire plumbing system. These whole house water filters can filter out a variety of undesirable contaminants throughout the entire water supply of a home. Anyone who has less than ideal water, or has concerns about certain chemicals, sediments, or minerals in their water supply, will want to consider having a plumber install a whole house water filter.


The whole house water filter itself consists of a small container housing a filter. The lid of the filter is permanently attached to the main water line and the container housing the filter is removable, allowing access for changing the filter. The type of filter you may want depends upon which substance(s) you would like removed from the water supply. The filter does require replacement on a regular basis — typically every 6 months. Changing the filter is an easy process. During the installation, your plumber can walk you through the few steps necessary to change the filter.

A whole house water filter is typically installed on the main water line of a home, just prior to reaching the hot water heater. This means all water used throughout the home, including all toilets, the washing machine, along with all faucets and showerheads will dispense the filtered water.


You can expect cleaner, better tasting water from every water line in your home. You will be able to have plumbing fixtures that are more aesthetically pleasing rather than being burdened with an unsightly filter residing on their kitchen or bathroom faucet. Lastly, you may find that your plumbing fixtures and water-using appliances last longer and are easier to clean since the water dispensed through all the water lines has been filtered from substances that deposit unwanted sediment over time.

If you want great tasting, cleaner water throughout the entire home, a whole house water filter offers a great solution. Contact us today to set up an appointment!