How to Prevent Leaky Pipes

Jul 23, 2021

What is even more important than getting your leaks fixed immediately is preventing them altogether. Sure, a few problems may arise from time to time, but it’s better to keep up with the maintenance of your pipes so that those problems remain minor and easily fixable.

Make Sure Fittings and Adapters Are Tight

An adapter is a curved piece of piping used to connect other pipes, usually straight ones. It’s vital to ensure the fittings are tight to ensure your pipes are working correctly without leakage.

Make Sure All Joints Are Properly Sealed

In addition to tightening the fittings, all the joints should be well sealed. This preventative step is commonly done with sealant or plumber’s tape, though you should consult a plumber before deciding which to use.

Be Aware of the Water Pressure

Most homes have a gauge which makes it easy to identify the water pressure. Typically, the water pressure in a residential home should fall between 40 and 50 psi. If it is far above or below this range, it’s time to call a plumber.

Insulate Pipes (Especially During the Winter)

Not only can insulating pipes save you money on monthly bills, but this can also prevent pipes from bursting. The pipes most likely to have problems are those more exposed to the elements and extreme weather. Using pipe wrap insulation and foam sleeves are common methods, but there are plenty of other choices!

Install a Water Softener

Having hard water means more minerals are present in your water. These minerals cause build up which can cause problems over time, such as restricting water flow. A water softener filters out the extra minerals, so you don’t have to worry about any clogging or plumbing inefficiencies.

Consider a Professional Inspection

Sometimes having a plumber come by to check out your home every so often can be a money saver. The most significant benefit is when a potentially extensive problem is found in its early stages while remaining an easy fix. Prevention is always less expensive than major repairs!

If you have a leaky pipe, The Plumber Guy is more than happy to help! We have plenty of experience in plumbing repairs and know how to get the job done right. Request your plumbing service today.