Improve Cleanliness in Your Bathroom with Plumbing Service

Jan 30, 2019

Whether you are using the toilet, shower, or sink in your bathroom, you may worry about cleanliness. This is something that you can combat when you are consistent with washing your hands before leaving the bathroom and scrubbing your whole body in the shower. But, you can make noticeable improvements to cleanliness while in your bathroom with plumbing service. Keep reading to find out how.

Shower Head

Although you may like your shower head, you should consider switching to a handheld one that allows you to deliver a powerful spray all over your body. This will make it easier to clean the bottom half of your body, which will reduce how much you need to rely on scrubbing.

If you know that the shower head is also lacking in water pressure, you can rely on a plumber to pick a high pressure one or give you the details that will help you choose your own.


One of the dirtiest features in your bathroom is the toilet. When you put down the toilet seat and pull down on the flush handle, you will often be doing it with a dirty hand. Although you may head over to the sink and wash your hands immediately, you may want to avoid getting your hands dirty. To achieve this goal, you will want to install a smart toilet or smart toilet seat. Getting one with enough features eliminates the need to use your hands at all.


Another feature that you can change to improve cleanliness in the bathroom is the faucet. While you may be used to pulling or pushing a handle to turn the water on, you should make the switch to a touchless faucet that keeps you from having to touch anything with your dirty hands.

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