Keeping Your Garbage Disposal Clean and Fresh

Sep 30, 2021

Garbage disposals are an exceedingly useful tool for the kitchen and proper care keeps it in proper working order with no problems. Something simple like always running water when using, and up to a minute after use will keep it clean and free of debris.

To ensure your garbage disposal operates at its best, here are more in-depth tips on what to avoid putting down the disposal and how to thoroughly clean that hardworking appliance.

Foods To Avoid Putting Into Your Garbage Disposal

Part of keeping your garbage disposal in good working order is not putting the wrong food items through it. You aren’t going to throw bones down the drain, but there are some less obvious foods you may be surprised to learn can be harmful to your pipes.

Stringy Vegetables: Vegetables like celery and banana peels get tangled around the blades of your garbage disposal.

Starchy Vegetables: Vegetables like potatoes and beans turn into sludgy messes in your pipes adding to build up that can eventually clog your drain.

Coffee Grounds: Grounds become sediment and mess in your drain.

Large Seeds and Pits: Avocado seeds and peach pits are big no-nos.

Pasta and Rice: Pasta, like spaghetti or linguine, and rice absorb water. As they expand and swell from absorbing water, pasta and rice can end up clogging your pipes.

Cleaning A Garbage Disposal

Step 1: Mix salt into a cup of ice and pour that mixture into your disposal.  When the disposal runs, the combined scrubs the blades clean while dislodging any built-up debris. You’ll see sparkling results!

Step 2: Put peels or wedges of lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit into your garbage disposal and run it. Any of these fruits will give it and your whole kitchen a lovely fresh smell.

IMPORTANT: Never pour bleach or drain cleaner down your garbage disposal because it will cause damage to the plumbing.

Taking the time to care for your garbage disposal can prevent future plumbing problems and save you the cost that goes along with fixing those problems. If you find yourself at odds with your garage disposal, The Plumber Guy will be at your service. The Plumber Guy has served West Phoenix Valley for decades.

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