Should You Repair or Replace a Leaky Faucet?

Jan 17, 2018

Dealing with a leaky faucet, whether it be in your kitchen or bathroom, can be quite annoying. In addition to the pestering drip, drip, drip noises coming from the faucet, you may also be noticing slightly higher water bills as a result of this problem. There are many common causes of leaky faucets, but the good news is that faucet repair can be performed by a reputable and experienced plumber.

What Causes a Dripping Faucet?

In most cases, a single washer is the cause of a dripping or leaking faucet. Over time, a washer in your tap can become worn and, when that occurs, the seal can weaken and water can easily drip out. Other common causes of a leaky faucet include worn O-rings and poor outlet or inlet seals, depending on the type of faucet you’re dealing with.

Repair or Replace: Which is Best?

When faced with a leaky faucet, you may be wondering whether it’s in your best interest to have the faucet repaired by a plumbing service or replace it altogether. It’s really up to you! A plumber can typically repair a faucet, so long as the cause of the problem is a simple bad washer or seal. However, if your faucet is outdated and you’d like to upgrade it, what better time to do so? A new faucet can not only save you on your water bills (especially if you go with a water-efficient one) but can add cosmetic appeal to your kitchen or bathroom space as well.

Whether you decide to repair or entirely replace your faucet, our team is here to help. Be sure to contact The Plumber Guy to schedule your appointment with a plumbing professional!