Time to Repair Your Water Softener System

Nov 29, 2021

As much as hard water is always considered safe, you shouldn’t ignore the adverse effects on both your plumbing and your appliances. HyrdoFlow USA reports majority of Arizona cities including Phoenix as having a water hardness between 210-350 PPM. For reference, any water that tests 180 PPM and over is considered as very hard water.

A water softener system is an effective tool to have installed in your home. Just like any other plumbing system, the effectiveness depends on the maintenance you give to it. Here are the signs to look out for which indicate that your softener needs a tune-up or repair.

Soap has difficulties lathering.

Chemistry makes it impossible for soap to lather quickly in hard water. If you are using a water softener and at the same time you experience difficulties soaping up in the water, it may be an indication that your softener is not up to par.

The ineffectiveness of your softener system is resulting in you wasting more shampoo and soap because hard water will always need more soap to lather.

Building up of scale.

Plumbing installations such as pipes or faucet heads may experience scale deposits as a result of the hard water. This mineral deposit will look white and crusty. You may notice discoloration or stains on your dishes, appliances, and plumbing fixtures.

Your skin and hair are feeling drier day by day.

Have you noticed your hair becoming easily knotted and prone to breaking? Does it seem like no matter how much lotion you use, your skin is constantly dried out?

The root cause is the hardness of your water and the constant exposure to it when you shower. Itchy skin can accompany these signs. Those with pre-existing skin conditions may even experience worsening symptoms. Give your hair and skin the much-needed relief and get your water softener system looked at as soon as possible.

Faded and scratchy laundry.

Hard water is the worst for doing laundry; the water makes your laundry look gray and faded and to the extent of feeling scratchy. The discoloration is mineral deposits left behind on your clothing. This sign is a clear indication that your water softener system is not properly operating.

Once you encounter one of these signs, you are most likely going to encounter them all. Do not continue suffering from hard water challenges; take a step today and contact The Plumber Guy. Our technicians will work with you to keep your water supply flowing smoothly.