What Is the Difference Between Water Conditioners and Water Softeners?

Mar 29, 2023

There are so many different types of water treatment systems on the market. Without the expertise of a professional plumber by your side, you may be wondering which type of water treatment will best suit your needs. Do you need a water conditioner? How about a water softener? No matter what your water problem may be, you can rest assured that there is a reliable solution.

Do I Need a Water Treatment System?

Water treatment systems are designed to treat hard water. Hard water is water that is impure, meaning it has too many unfiltered minerals in it. Without a water treatment system in place, you may have an abundance of hard water in your home.

You may be wondering why it is important to treat hard water rather than just ignore it. Hard water can make a negative impact on:

  • The feeling of your hair and skin
  • Your hydration and overall health
  • The cleanliness of your laundry
  • Your plumbing system and fixtures
  • Your soap’s lathering capabilities
  • The landscaping surrounding your home

If you are having problems with any of the above, you may have hard water. However, to know for sure, you will need the assistance of a professional plumber. Plumbers have the ability to thoroughly test your home’s water to see its level of purity. After you have had your water tested, if it is determined that you have hard water, there are multiple solutions to choose from. Two of the most common residential water treatments are water conditioners and water softeners. Each treatment has its own unique benefits.

Water Conditioners

Water conditioners are water treatment systems designed to filter out impurities and soften water. When you have this water treatment system installed in your home, you gain the benefit of water that feels soft, tastes purer, and smells better. Since the impurities are filtered out of the water, water conditioners help ensure that your water cleans better (this includes showers, dishes, and laundry). What’s more, water conditioners are highly regarded by homeowners for their affordability and versatile water treatment solutions.

Water Softeners

A water softener is a water treatment system that is designed to neutralize hard water minerals such as magnesium and calcium. The result is cleaner, softer-feeling skin and hair post-bathing, brighter and softer clothing after laundering, and spotless dishes out of the dishwasher.

Learn More About Water Treatments

Do you believe that you have hard water? Have you noticed that your skin and hair feel rough after bathing? How about clothes being less bright after laundering? Or maybe even spots on the dishes you take out of the dishwasher? If any of those problems apply to you, the odds are you have hard water. However, you don’t need to worry. You can contact The Plumber Guy to learn more about the difference between water conditioners and water softeners. We can also test your water and determine which water treatment system will work best for your needs. The Plumber Guy offers free plumbing company service calls and estimates during normal business hours and often provides same-day service.