Water Softeners Make it Easy to Clean and Maintain Your Home

Mar 31, 2020

Hard water contains high amounts of dissolved minerals, particularly magnesium and calcium. Hard water has been associated with a number of issues ranging from dry skin to plumbing malfunctions. It can even make it harder to clean and maintain your home. Here are some ways in which hard water might be wreaking havoc on your household.

Plumbing and Appliance Damage
Mineral buildup from hard water can clog your pipes and shorten the lifespan of your appliances. As a result, your water might drain more slowly, or you may even notice a difference in the efficiency of your washer or dishwasher. In particular, your dishes may have spots and your laundry could look dull or dingy even after washing.

Problems Keeping your Home Clean
If you can’t seem to eliminate soap scum no matter how often you clean, hard water may be to blame. Ordinary cleaners often do not fully eliminate mineral deposits, leaving behind a dull finish that is nearly impossible to get rid of. You might notice scale building up around your faucets, bathtub, shower, sink, or other fixtures. However, you might also leave behind a film when washing windows or mopping floors.

Another reason you could experience soap scum is because your detergent is not making suds. This is another common problem in hard water households, and results in a film being left behind that would then remain on your fixtures. Less suds when washing can cause other issues as well, namely:

  • The need to use more detergent in order to get the job done
  • Dry hair and skin due to a residue being left behind
  • More difficulty performing ordinary cleaning

If you are experiencing any of these problems, chances are good that you are affected by hard water. The right water softener can resolve many of these issues, thereby helping your home stay clean and prolonging the life of your appliances. A new water softener is also more affordable than you think. To find out how cost-effective one really is, we invite you to contact us.