What Not to Put in Your Garbage Disposal

Dec 29, 2017

Avoid Frequent Garbage Disposal Repair – What Not to Put in Your Disposal

Garbage disposals are a useful tool while cooking in the kitchen, but not all items are meant to be put in the system which is why garbage disposal repair service can be a frequest household need. Knowing what is and isn’t allowed down your drains will help you avoid plumbing problems down the road.

Cooking Oils

Cooking oils will be used on a variety of dishes you might be serving this winter. When handling excess oils, you should not pour them down the drain. Oils and grease have the ability to clog your drain and cause major pipe and plumbing issues. We recommend disposing of these oils in the trash before cleaning any pots and pan.

Egg Shells

Cooking eggs comes with the decision of where to throw out egg shells. Consider tossing shells in the trash or even composting them. Egg shells create a hazard to your garage disposal because they can actually stick to the sides of your drain or disposal blades. When you put drain-safe items into the disposal, the shells can cause a backup and form a clog.

This goes for all different types of shells. If you have used your sink as a disposal for shells, you could benefit from calling a plumbing professional to check your pipes for blockage.


Everyone loves a great pasta dish! In the case there are leftovers you no longer need, do not use the garbage disposal to get rid of them. When pasta is exposed to water, it expands. Putting pasta down your sink creates the risk of further water exposure and swelling. You will run into a major plumbing problem if leftover pasta clogs your disposal.

Using your garbage disposal is great for numerous items in the kitchen. Knowing what not to throw in your disposal can save you the cost of a serious plumbing issue down the road. Contact The Plumber Guy today for your plumbing needs.