Why You Need Professional Drain Cleaning…

Aug 03, 2018

What you don’t see can still hurt you. Think about this, as we all encounter problems at some point that are caused by things we can’t see; in the engine of your car, inside your computer, and inside the plumbing of your home or office. It’s important to address issues so that we can solve them before they worsen; or better yet, before they even happen.

Just what can cause your drains to clog or back up, you ask? We’ve provided the following information to answer that question.

In your Kitchen

We rely on our kitchen sink to dispose of anything and everything we put down the drain, including the garbage disposal. However, not everything is completely carried away and could actually take months or years to do so. Don’t forget the bits of food, tiny amounts of grease/oil, hair, or any miscellaneous items, that will gradually accumulate over time. This unseen blockage is revealed by a clogged or slowly emptying drain.

In your Bathroom

Besides a sink, a bathroom has a toilet. Our sink likely ranks second in importance to the toilet. Toilets seem to be a great location for a child to drop a toy into, and possibly try to flush away. It’s easy to imagine the list of items that have entered the unseen unreachable areas of a toilet that can cause it to back up.

Bathrooms often have a bathtub and/or shower and the usual (but not the only) suspect for causing their drains to clog is hair. There are some infomercial products that allegedly help with this dilemma, but eventually, you will need professional drain cleaning.

Beyond your House

Even when our homes plumbing system is flowing freely away from our house, you may need professional drain services. What leaves your home will eventually reach the main sewer line, and maybe the clog (invisible to us) is located there.

Plumbing Professionals See What you Can’t

Sometimes a plunger isn’t enough and you’ll need a professionally trained and equipped company to find the hidden problem, and eliminate it. Look no further, we encourage you to contact us with your plumbing needs and questions you may have.


We provide sewer line cleaning, repair, and even sewer line location! We use video camera inspection to diagnose the cause of your plumbing problem and can quickly and affordably remove your plumbing nightmares.