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Plumbing Experts in El Mirage, Arizona

Trusted Plumbing Service in El Mirage, Arizona

The Plumbing Guy has been a trusted, locally owned and operated business that has helped people throughout the El Mirage and surrounding AZ areas for more than 10 years. Do you have an issue with a leaky pipe or faucet? Is the drain in your kitchen or bathroom sink clogged? If you’re having an emergency plumbing situation, or you need a new device installed, look no further. Our technicians are happy to help.

Many people find plumbing situations extremely stressful. Let our techs help take some of that stress away. Our team focuses on our client relationships, and we can offers some of the best service in town for the most reasonable prices. Because people are also concerned about the state of their homes and businesses, we try to treat them as if they were our own. Our plumbers try to ensure that we keep things clean or cleaner than before we got there. Our team is also insured, bonded, and licensed, so you know you’re getting professionals when you call.

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Water Heaters

Experiencing hot water issues? The professional technicians at The Plumber Guy have the knowledge, experience, and skill to help with service and repair of your water heater. We'll identify the source of the problem and offer fast, reliable repair service to get your hot water working as quickly as possible! If it's time to replace your unit, we'll help determine the right solution for you based on your property and price point.

If you're deciding between a storage tank or a tankless water heater, we're here to help! Traditional (tank) water heaters house water in a storage tank and the water is heated and ready to be used when needed. Tankless water heaters actually heat water on demand, which helps conserve energy. When considering the initial cost of a new unit, tankless models are usually more expensive. That said, the efficiency gains can save you money in the long run. These models also take up less space than traditional options. Before making a decision, give us a call and we'll talk you through the solution that makes sense for you and your family.

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This is my plumber for life now! — Michelle M.