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Sewer Line Repair

At The Plumber Guy, we use the most modern equipment and techniques to repair your sewer line. Our team can minimize the damage to your property by using small holes to access the sewer pipe. We can locate the issue and replace the pipe quickly and thoroughly. We always use quality materials that will last longer, and won't leak, corrode, or break as easily. We offer a FREE service call/estimate during normal business hours. Please call us anytime for details.

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Common Sewer Line Problems

  • Clog in the line due to a blockage
  • Pipe that has moved, cracked, or shifted because of freezing or settling earth
  • Corroded or deteriorated piping
  • Sunken or "bellied" pipe
  • Tree root invasion
  • Deterioration of poor quality piping
  • Broken seals leading to leaking joints
Great customer service at a reasonable price. — Douglas B.