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Garbage Disposals

Your garbage disposal is an important part of your household plumbing that takes a lot of abuse. If you are experiencing issues with your garbage disposal, call The Plumber Guy. An expert from our team can tell you whether garbage disposal repair or complete replacement of your system is best. If you have a clogged garbage disposal, we can fix the issue for you in no time! Get a FREE service call (during normal business hours, call for details).

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Should I Repair or Replace?

If your garbage disposal is getting up in years, it may be worth replacing the unit entirely rather than paying for ongoing repairs. Modern garbage disposals are much more efficient and effective than they were in the past. A new unit could end up saving you a lot of money in repairs as well as utility costs. Call us today if you have these problems:

  • No sound when the garbage disposal is turned on
  • Humming with no waste/food removal
  • Water pooling beneath your sink
  • Rotting food smells coming from under your sink
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