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Water Softener Systems

Hard water is a problem that affects many aspects of your lifestyle and even your health. You probably know, or at least suspect, if your water is hard due to the taste and other factors. The Plumber Guy has been testing and treating water in the West Phoenix, Surprise and Peoria, AZ area for years. We can conduct tests to provide you with information about the mineral content of your water. Then we can work together to find the solution necessary to ensure that your water supply is clean, delicious, and safe!

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How Does Hard Water Affect You?

  • Your Hair - Hard water often makes hair rough or tangled, or it causes a "sticky" residue since soap isn't washing out completely.
  • Your skin - Hard water can lead to dry skin or eczema.
  • Your Health - Some studies have suggested that hard water can be linked to major health issues, but the data is inconclusive.
  • Your Soap - Soap often does not react normally with hard water, making it harder to lather.
  • Your Landscaping - The minerals in hard water could be killing your lawn and landscaping.
  • Your Laundry - Hard water could leave spots in your laundry or make your white laundry, such as bedding and light-colored clothing, yellowish or dingy.
  • Your Plumbing System - Over time, minerals in your hard water could build up in your pipes, causing clogs or leaks. This could mean expensive repairs.
  • Your Plumbing Fixtures - You may notice gunk and buildup caused by hard water piling up around your faucets, shower heads, and sinks / drains.
  • Your Hydration - It's important to drink plenty of water every day, but if you have a hard water issue, those minerals could be severely affecting the taste of your water. This bad taste makes it less likely for you and your family to drink a sufficient amount of water.
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