Seven Fun Facts About Water Heaters

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Although you might not spend a lot of time thinking about your hot water heater, it has a huge impact on everyday life. These facts showcase some interesting aspects of its history and importance: ScienceDaily reports that scientists recently used a laser to create the swiftest water heater on Earth. It heats H2O extremely rapidly… Read more »

A Common Shower Problem…

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Season changes mean more shedding for women (and men) with long hair of almost any type. While it might feel relieving to free all those excess tangles after letting your conditioner set in, your pipes are certainly not thanking you. If you’re beginning to feel a rising water level after letting your shower run for… Read more »

Plumbing Tips – How to Choose the Right Toilet

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We take our toilets for granted. While you may have some experience repairing the guts, like a flapper or flow valve, a toilet rarely needs replacing. However, either because of remodeling or unusual damage, there are times when you need a replacement. Choosing the wrong toilet for your bathroom can cause you some stress down the road. Today’s article addresses a… Read more »