Why Is My Water Heater Hissing?

Feb 06, 2024
AZ Hissing Water heaters
Why Is My Water Heater Hissing

Water Heater Making a Hissing Sound?

As the weather continues to be cozy, cranking up the hot water valve becomes a habit. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, water heating is most American homes’ second largest utility expense, amounting to 14-18% of utility bills.

The department also shared that most households spend $400 to $600 yearly on water heating. In 2009, about 27 million houses installed water heaters. This number is expected to grow as more households adopt modern technologies, such as tankless water heaters and solar-powered systems.

As one of the most frequently used appliances at home, it is essential to keep the water heater in good working condition. However, there may be instances when you hear strange noises coming from your water heater. Here is why your Phoenix, Peoria, Goodyear or Surprise AZ water heater might be hissing and what you can do about it.

Possible Reasons for the Sound

Here are some potential reasons why your water heater is making a weird noise:

  • Leakage: One possible reason for a hissing sound is a leak in the tank. When water leaks from the tank, it can create a sizzling or hissing noise as it comes into contact with the hot heating element.
  • Sediment build-up: Over time, sediment can build up inside the tank, creating a barrier between the water and the heating element. This build-up can cause the water to boil and make a hissing sound.
  • Temperature is too high: If the temperature of the water is set too high, it can cause steam to build up inside the tank and produce a hissing sound. Another important issue for a scorching water heater is the pressure build-up inside the tank.
  • Condensation: In some cases, condensation can form outside the tank, creating a hissing sound as it drips onto the burner.

Potential Fixes

The potential fix for a hissing water heater depends on the root cause of the problem. Adjusting the temperature setting may solve the issue if the temperature is too high. However, if there is a leak or sediment build-up, it is best to call a plumber to inspect and repair the water heater.

To prevent future hissing noises from your water heater, it is essential to regularly flush out any sediment inside the tank and perform routine maintenance checks. Additionally, make sure to set the temperature at an appropriate level to avoid steam build-up.

Call the Plumber Guy for Expert Help

Sometimes, a hissing sound could indicate a more significant problem with your water heater. It’s crucial to call a licensed plumber to conduct an inspection and resolve the issue before it escalates into a repair or replacement.

Our team at the Plumber Guy is here to help with any water heater issues you may encounter. We have skilled and experienced plumbers who can quickly diagnose and fix the problem. We’ve helped countless homeowners in Phoenix, Arizona, with their water heater repairs and replacements, and we’re ready to assist you, too.

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Request Water Heater Repair Service Price Quote

Don’t ignore a hissing sound coming from your water heater. While this issue may seem small, it can lead to significant damage and expensive repairs. If any potential fixes mentioned above do not resolve the problem, it’s best to call a professional plumber immediately.

As your local plumber we offer transparent pricing for our water heater repair services. We aim to provide high-quality and affordable plumbing services to our clients in Phoenix, Arizona. Request a price quote today, and enjoy a more comfortable and hassle-free water heating experience.