Plumbing Tips: How to Inspect a Toilet

Nov 30, 2019

Recently constructed homes contain about three toilets on average. If you plan to buy a house, it’s wise to thoroughly inspect these vital fixtures. You might also benefit from evaluating a toilet before you rent out a home or start a bathroom remodeling project. As you thoroughly examine it, be sure to answer all these questions:

Part I
1. Does the toilet flush correctly? Test and observe it at least once.
2. Do the tank and bowl refill quickly? This shouldn’t take 15 minutes.
3. Is it firmly attached to the floor? The bowl shouldn’t move around.
4. Does it have its own shutoff valve? This feature makes repairs easier and could help you minimize overflow damage.
5. Is the tank tightly attached to the bowl?
6. Does water only run immediately after flushing? If it runs frequently, this will increase water bills and might wear out pumps.
7. Do the seat and lid work properly?

Part II
1. Do you see any cracks on the interior or exterior of the toilet?
2. Are any of the surfaces chipped or broken?
3. Do you notice excessive amounts of moisture nearby? Some condensation is normal, especially in hot weather.
4. Is the surrounding floor damaged? Check for softness, warped surfaces and movement.
5. Do you notice substantial amounts of mold on exterior surfaces?
6. Does the seat move around excessively? This might happen if one of the hinges has become loose or broken.

It’s best if you answer “yes” to most or all the questions in part one and “no” to part two’s inquiries. When you believe that a toilet inspection needs to be fixed or replaced, please contact us for assistance. Our professional local plumbers can perform a more thorough inspection, diagnose the problem and provide an accurate estimate of repair costs. Contact our team today.