Could Your Wet Lawn Be a Sign of a Plumbing Disaster?

Feb 19, 2018

Is your lawn always wet even when you have not watered it? If so, you should be immediately look into it. Your home’s plumbing system has a lateral connection that carries wastewater from the home to the sewer system. The pipe is buried under the property and runs across the yard to the sewer. If the pipe breaks or leaks, it can lead to wet, soggy, or sunken spots on your lawn. This spells a plumbing disaster and should be addressed immediately. Keep reading for some of the top indicators that the wetness in your lawn is not just a result of the morning dew.

wet spot in yard
wet spot in lawn

Sewer smells

One of the apparent signs that there is a leak in the lateral line is the presence of sewer-like odors in your lawn. Since the drain line carries wastewater from the home to the sewerage system, a leak will cause murky odors. Walk around the wet area and find out whether you can smell anything unpleasant. Sewage contains bacteria which can affect the plants or grass in your lawn. Also, it can seep into your drinking water and cause health complications.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure evidences plumbing leaks in the indoor and outdoor plumbing pipes. If there is a reduction in water pressure and your lawn is always wet, the problem could lie with the lateral line. When there is a leak in the pipe, the wastewater does not flow towards its proper place. This will affect water pressure in the entire home. Note that low water pressure could also be as a result of other problems such as mineral and corrosion buildup in the piping system. Only an expert can accurately pinpoint the problem and fix it.

Increased water bill

The wetness on your lawn may not be a result of leakage in the main drain line, but could actually be from other outdoor plumbing pipes. This can happen if tree roots grow into a pipe. You may also accidentally break a pipe when carrying out yard work. The resulting leakage will significantly increase your water bill. If you notice any unusual changes in the monthly water usage, the problem could be the leak in your lawn.

Plumbing problems with your outdoor pipes can wreak havoc in your home. For professional and local plumbers near you assistance, contact us so that we can assess and repair the faulty line.